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Kant Sentencje

Zbiór fragmentów z dzieł Immanuela Kanta opracował prof. dr hab. W. Briuszynkin. Zawiera sentencje

Interview mit Dr. Werner Stark – 2. Teil

Dr. Werner Stark, Honorarprofessor an der Philipps-Universität Marburg und weltweit bekannte Expert in der

Nikolay Milkov. The Historical Achievement of Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason

1. Opening Some fifteen years ago Hermann Schmitz asked the question ‘What did Kant

Kant. Aphorisms (Compiled and edited by Prof. V.N. Bryushinkin)

Yesterday just after dinner I went to visit the renowned Kant, the profound metaphysician…

Vladimir N. Bryushinkin. Kant’s logic and Strawson’s metaphysics

A model of interaction between formal and transcendental logics  As I suggested in my

Alexey N. Kruglov. Early Kantianism in Russia: J.W.L. Mellmann and J.G. Buhle

The first steps of Kant’s philosophy in Russia relate to the Moscow activities of

Lord Murray. A Personal View of Kant’s Main Impact Today

The concluding section of one of Kant’s major works, “The Critique of Practical Reason”,

Alyona Kharitonova. The concept of body and the problem of demarcation in new European metaphysics: from Descartes to Kant

1.      Matter: Between Physics and Metaphysics The development of philosophy during the early modern

Volker Gerhardt. Die Menschheit in unserer Person. Fünf Gründe Kant in Kaliningrad zu ehren

Ein langer Weg nach Kaliningrad Im April 2000, in der Schlussdebatte des 9. Internationalen

Olga Antonova. Philosophy of Kant and Type theory

The purpose of this article is to trace the genesis of the principal categories

Scott Stapleford. Kant’s Transcendental Arguments and Conditions of Instantiation

In this paper I ask what a transcendental argument is for Kant. I will

Olli Koistinen. Kant on a priori concepts

1. The apriority of forms of sensibility Kant divides representations into concepts and intuitions.

A. Salikov. Kants Friedensprojekt und die Ansätze zur Lösung des Sicherheitsdilemmas in der modernen Theorie der internationalen Beziehungen

Das Sicherheitsdilemma ist ein viel diskutiertes Problem in der modernen Theorie der internationalen Beziehungen

Gerfried Horst. Die Kant-Orte in Kaliningrad/Königsberg und Umgebung

1. Immanuel Kant ist am 22. April 1724 in Königsberg geboren und am 12.

Vadim Chaly, Alexander Kuteynikov. Kant’s Political Ideas and Contemporary Theories of International Organization

Among many areas of philosophy where Kant is regarded as a great classic, lies