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Marianne Motherby: Kant und die Familie Motherby

Robert Motherby, der langjährige Freund Kants, wurde am 23.12.1736 in Hull (Yorkshire, England) geboren.

Hiroo Nakamura. Kants Weg zum ewigen Frieden im 21. Jahrhundert

„Sei Nagasaki die letzte Atombombenopferstadt!“ – Die vernünftigen Menschen in Japan schämen sich dafür,

Vladimir Bryushinkin. Kant’s Logic and Synthesis of Ontologies in Intellectual Systems

This article develops a procedure of the synthesis of actual experience according to Kant’s “Critique

Professor T. Rosefeldt: «Kant is being studied everywhere now»

Since 2010 professor Tobias Rosefeldt has been the head of the Department of Classic

Argument about Kant results in shooting in Rostov-on-Don

A citizen of Rostov-on-Don was arrested on suspicion of having shot his opponent during

Leonid N. Stolovich. On the Fate of Kant Collection at Tartu University

The essay is dedicated to the fate of the valuable Kant-related collections and manuscripts

Alexey N. Salikov. Hannah Arendt’s Political Philosophy and the Modern Age: the Internet as a Public Realm

On the basis of Hannah Arendt’s political philosophy, the author analyses the capability of

Natalya A. Kutsenko. From the History of Russian Kant Studies in the 19th Century

This article is devoted to the dissemination and research on Kant’s philosophy in Russia

Mikhail N. Gromov. Kant’s Influence on Russian Thought

This articles sets out to give an overview as to how Russian thought was

Leonard A. Kalinnikov. Immanuel Kant on the Features of Morality and its Role in the System of Morals

The subject of this article is discussed with the help of an excursus into

Theodor I. Oizerman. Kant’s Categorical Imperative as a Subject of Critical Analysis

This article is an attempt at a comprehensive analysis of the core of Kant’s

Ivan D. Koptsev. Inferences of Understanding and Reason as Factors of Textuality in I. Kant’s Philosophical Discourse

On the basis of Kant’s texts, the author attempts to prove that two and

Vladimir N. Bryushinkin. On Logical Errors in Kant’s Table of Judgements

This article focuses on the logical inconsistency of Kant’s classification of judgements presented in

Vladimir A. Zhuchkov. The System-Building Role of the Thing-in-itself in Kant’s Philosophy

All three meanings of the notion “thing-initself” (object, subject and the transition between them),

The 12th International Kant Congress in Vienna

The 12th International Kant Congress in Vienna is dedicated to the antagonism of nature and